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New Atty. Gen. Made Too Easy  By Democrats

New Atty. Gen. Made Too Easy By Democrats

The new Atty. Gen. was approved by the Senate on February 14TH of 2019, without any big fanfare and for the most part most Americans possibly don’t even know that we have a new Atty. Gen. William Barr. There are red flags with this Atty. Gen. to fill in a semi trailer, this Atty. Gen. […]

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China Will Take Over Malaysia

China Will Take Over Malaysia

Will Malaysia become another victim of China’s world conquests that they are implementing using the tools of corruption, intimidation, and government undermining. This week a Hong Kong tycoon investor said in his interview that Malaysian government and people should take China’s money that they’re spreading throughout the world. But this tycoon doesn’t mention that he […]
Tactics to Invade North Korea

Tactics to Invade North Korea

In this video I will attempt to show you the scenario that could take place between the US military and the North Korean military. The possibilities and plans to engage the North Korean military and destroy them. This video is made for the laymen who may not understand military tactics. Please note this is not […]

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