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BREAKING NEWS- Russia China Preparing War with Each Other

News has come out today that reports Russian and China are building up troops and equipment along the northern border with each other. Also the China has deployed ICBM missiles close to the Russian border and experts are saying that there could be up possibility of an engagement between Russia and China. Some months ago activity was reported that China was moving missiles and equipment close to the Russian border, but the Chinese downplayed their activity and nothing more was said. But this year both have continue with their buildup along the border, and see video for more..

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Prayer of Salvation – Our First Real Conversation With God
The “prayer of salvation” is the most important prayer we’ll ever pray. When we’re ready to become a Christian, we’re ready to have our first real conversation with God, and these are its components:

We acknowledge that Jesus Christ is God; that He came to earth as a man in order to live the sinless life that we cannot live; that He died in our place, so that we would not have to pay the penalty we deserve. We confess our past life of sin — living for ourselves and not obeying God. We admit we are ready to trust Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. We ask Jesus to come into our heart, take up residence there, and begin living through us.

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