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China Buys the Country of Guyana for $50 Billion

The Chinese government has bought the country of Guyana with a $50 billion project. The country of Guyana is one of the poorest countries in South America and it is neighbored to Brazil. The Chinese have been giving millions of dollars of military equipment to Guyana for the last couple years. Now they have given to Guyana $50 billion in order for Guyana to accept their Trojan horse that will corrupt the government of Guyana and enslave the people of Guyana along with the government to China. China idea to invest billions of dollars in South America is to buy off countries, so they can build massive Chinese bases for their naval fleet and to move ICBMs close to the United States. But, our US government is completely falling asleep on this and is taking little action to countermeasures measure the Chinese global domination plan and the plan to destroy the United States that they have in mind. See video for more.

Here is the lick to: Chinese Communist Blueprint for Takeover Countries . you must see this video in order to understand what the Chinese are doing and how they are taking over countries.

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