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China Exposed News Talk a New Channel of Sixth Seal News Talk

China Exposed News Talk is a new channel dedicated to unmasking or exposing the Chinese Communist Party and their activity around the world. This new channel I have put up, because many want to continue to see the development of China’s corruption and world domination plan. China is basically control the US socialist communist media and are not allowing the true information to come out, so this is where China Exposed News Talk comes in, to expose China for what they really are. The Sixth Seal News Talk will continue to also provide videos having to do with China, but because of the political upheaval in the United States and other parts of the world the Sixth Seal News Talk also has to bring you talk from these problems. There are viewers of Sixth Seal News Talk and many countries were China is affecting their governments with corruption and are having a huge impact on their life’s many have come here to look for answers and want the Chinese Communist Party to be expose also many people in the US want to know what is China doing to undermine our government and to continue to pour in dollars to support communism and socialism within our borders. See video for more.

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