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China Planning Hijacking of Apple

The Chinese People’s Daily News who is a 100% state sponsor Communist Party news outlet and propaganda mouthpiece has put out news threatening Apple. Because, of the high tariff that the US has impose on China the Chinese People’s Daily News is saying it may cause Chinese citizens angry that may target Apple. Exactly how Chinese citizens are going to target Apple they don’t say, but I would like to say first of all no one in China can target anything unless it is approved 100% by the CCP the Chinese Communist Party or the PLA the People’s liberated Army. What is really going on is China wants to use Apple as a bargaining chip in the trade war, but honestly the people of the United States should not have any pity for Apple. And all of this talked of China using Apple as a bargaining chip for tariff may actually be something which both Apple and China have agree to do to the US., it could be all planted between them to. Apple deserves to have their bank accounts and all money deposited Chinese banks frozen, Apple deserves to have all their intellectual property completely stolen and use by that Communist Party for being the traders they have become to the United States citizens especially those who are trying to bring the truth to the American people. No pity for Apple and trade negotiation over Apple, but here the thing I believe China with the tariff problems or not they were planning soon or later to take over everything from Apple. See video for more.

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