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China the Joke of the World

The Chinese have become the joke of the world just before Donald Trump inauguration In-exile Prime Minister of Tibetan Lobsang Sangay met with Richard Gear and a US envoy to India, the Chinese issue us this morning to the US and the consequences US envoy to India meeting with these individuals. If that was not bad enough about to three days before Donald Trump’s inauguration the Chinese who was threatening Donald Trump even before he became officially President of the United States the dire consequences will take place if the US were to meet with this former Taiwanese premier. Basically the Chinese are trying to dictate to United States who they can and can’t meet with who they can have dinner with or not. I really believe the Chinese have gone drunk with insanity.. Please see video..

Also note Chinese propaganda cyber warriors who are part of the Chinese PLA may come after this posting to discredit this story. I ask you once again please do not get into fights with them and just let them say whatever they want. You can see the video having to do with Chinese propaganda cyber attack. This is the propaganda arm of the PLA not cyber hacking.

See my video aboyr the PLA

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