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China’s Communist Cowers Party (CCP) Hates Japan’s Prime Minister

The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has gone in a South Pacific country tour visiting countries such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia and others it seems like in order to put the coalition that can defend the South China seas against the Chinese. But, again the Chinese cowers in Beijing th the (CCP) communist cowers party are not able to do anything with anybody except go out to the middle of the ocean and make their own islands, because they don’t have the balls to take another country. See video for more..

Also note Chinese propaganda cyber warriors who are part of the Chinese PLA may come after this posting to discredit this story. I ask you once again please do not get into fights with them and just let them say whatever they want. You can see the video having to do with Chinese propaganda cyber attack. This is the propaganda arm of the PLA not cyber hacking.

See my video aboyr the PLA

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