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China’s President Working With the US to Kill China?

Is the Chinese president Ching-Ching Bing (AKA – Xi Jinping ) working along with the US to bring down China’s economics? Because his decisions on trade war against the US just seems to be one bad decision right after another and is basically killing China’s economics. He has impose a 10% import tax or tariff on US LNG gas. Experts from the US (Please note; these are real experts not the U.S. socialist communist media propaganda experts that report the complete opposite) have reported that the LNG market in the US is not affected by any tariff that China imposes because the world’s market and need for LNG is great. So, now other Experts are stating that China will probably end up paying more to get LNG from other suppliers such as Russia and possibly from the Middle East. Some months ago he also tried to do the same thing with American soybeans and this has caused huge problems in China. His economics decision and his spending of billions of dollars to corrupt third world countries, build up a military, and the ridiculous islands in the South Asian Seas (formerly known as the South China seas) may actually cause China to go into bankruptcy.
You really have to wonder if Ching-Ching Bing (AKA – Xi Jinping ) has zero economic education or he is a paid off globalists paid by the super globalists to bring down China economics and destroyed China in order for the globalists to take over the country? Because, the decisions are too extremely stupid for any person to make unless they’re doing it intentionally. See video for more.


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