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Not too long ago I posted a video about Pakistan and in that video I mentioned that China was killing thousands of Islamic Chinese and in return I got some very nasty comments from Pakistani claiming that this was not truth. Below this description you will see the links to news articles that you can read that talk about the killing of the innocent Islamic people in China. China is an atheist country run by an atheist government who believes that all religions are terrorists, so when the Chinese say that they are killing terrorists they are really killing anybody from Islam at will. You’ll see photos of my video how they beat woman’s with batons I do not see Pakistanis calling on their government to throughout the Chinese out of their country, but when the West does anything against Islam they want to kill all Westerners, but when the Chinese do it it seems like is okay with the Pakistani people. Is it because China’s given Pakistan money? If you are a real Moslem there is no way in the world you can allow the Chinese into your country or do any deals with the Chinese (CCP)Communist Party or (PLA) people liberated Army of China. But this is excitedly what the Pakistani government has been doing for years as they turn a blind eye to the atrocities that the Chinese are doing to the Islamic people and Wes China. You’re nothing but hypocrites cowards not to be able to stand up to the Chinese in your traitor to your religion .

See description below of news articles on what China PLA is doing in West China. Note; it is very hard to get any photos in news for West China the Chinese have clamped down on media reporting from West China the most pictures and reporting has to be smuggle out a West China.

China Declares War On Islam: Prayer In Mosques Is Outlawed And All Muslim Shopkeepers Must Sell Alcohol Or Face Prosecution

China bans Muslims from fasting Ramadan in Xinjiang

China Just Made These HUGE Moves to Ban Islam

China’s war on terror becomes all-out attack on Islam in Xinjiang

Chinese special forces use FLAMETHROWER to kill ‘Islamist terrorists’ hiding in cave

Horror as Muslims kill 18 people in bomb and knife attacks after Ramadan ban

Deadly clash in China: An ambush by Uighurs or a government massacre?
China launches year-long security crackdown in Muslim northwest after bombing kills 43 people

At Least 2,000 Uyghurs Killed’ in Yarkand Violence: Exile Leader

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