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Chinese DF-16 Sewer Pipes on wheels

About a day ago the Chinese put out a video that I have not been able to find, but it’s been reported by a couple new sources who seen the video that showing the Chinese showing off DF-16 medium-range ballistic missile and also doing some other military maneuvers like they will some kind of major force to be deal with. But , I can tell you what you see in many of the Chinese missile video are just sewer pipes on wheels. Because there a history not too much talked about that shown that communism likes to intimidate their enemies by using false information, photos, and even movies to make it look like they have something when they really didn’t have it , please see video.

Also note Chinese propaganda cyber warriors who are part of the Chinese PLA may come after this posting to discredit this story. I ask you once again please do not get into fights with them and just let them say whatever they want. You can see the video having to do with Chinese propaganda cyber-attack. This is the propaganda arm of the PLA not cyber hacking.

See my video aboyr the PLA

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