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Communism Socialism is the Death of Humanity

This is a documentary will gives you an idea what has been going on in Venezuela with the Socialist Communists government. It is hard to believe that in today’s would especially in the United States the level of stupidity of people actually believing that communism and socialism it’s a good idea. It is really beyond any kind of comprehensive understanding. What you see in Venezuela, China, North Korea, Cuba, and any and all other socialist communist countries could come to the U.S and it could happen in the U.S, because people are too lazy to protest and/or remove those who are hard-core to destroy the United States who want to enslave the population of the United States under a handful of dictators and communists socialists. Possibly the most stupidest part of everything being done by U.S citizens is that U.S citizens are actually voting in these Communists and socialists that want to bring the destruction of the United States. These communists socialists give you a bunch of deceptions propaganda and lies and fill up your minds like a little baby being told by a devious adult who has plans and bringing great harm and because many don’t have the mentality to fight off the propaganda and lies and see through the deception they will find themselves on the road to know return just like so many who have been destroyed by these manipulators and liars. Please see the documentary and please become a member of my Patreon crowd funding in order to help out the channel.

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