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China Will Take Over MalaysiaChina Will Take Over Malaysia

China Will Take Over Malaysia

Will Malaysia become another victim of China’s world conquests that they are implementing using the tools of corruption, intimidation, and government undermining. This week a Hong Kong tycoon investor said in his interview that Malaysian government and people should take China’s money that they’re spreading throughout the world. But this tycoon doesn’t mention that he […]
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Globalists Attack Sixth Seal News Talk

There has been attack against Sixth Seal News Talk, it is not a physical attack it is a monetary attack aim at destroying the finances needed to grow the channel. Globalists are doing everything in their power to assure that the truth cannot reach the ears of those who are looking for the truth. See […]
The End Of China is HereThe End Of China is Here

The End Of China is Here

Yes, that right the end of China’s CCP and PLA is coming. The trade war is here and they will not win. Their idea to take over the world buy using the money they get from the sells of goods to the US is over. See video for more. NOTE: WHEN I SAY FAA I […]
China Buys the Country of Guyana for $50 BillionChina Buys the Country of Guyana for $50 Billion

China Buys the Country of Guyana for $50 Billion

The Chinese government has bought the country of Guyana with a $50 billion project. The country of Guyana is one of the poorest countries in South America and it is neighbored to Brazil. The Chinese have been giving millions of dollars of military equipment to Guyana for the last couple years. Now they have given […]
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