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Sixth Seal News Talk Have Been Experiencing Channel Problems

For a couple days Sixth Seal News Talk has been experiencing some channel problems. The average time watch had a spike and went all the way down to zero and then so many hours later it came back up. But, analysis everything also seemed to have had it zero out and then it came up, but I am experiencing problems with subscribers. Because, normally I am getting quite a bit of new subscribers a day and sometimes in one week I get thousands of new subscribers, but right now I’m getting negative subscribers. I have contacted YouTube to see if they can find out what is the problem, because this seems very abnormal and also as we know YouTube was down some days ago for about an hour for some users on YouTube. My problem started on the same day that you to was down so it may be connected and hopefully they can fix it.
As for the video I put out yesterday and then I remove, please don’t take it wrong, but this video was posted for something I needed to find out. In the next couple days I will be posting some new videos and I’ll be back to my normal schedule hopefully and I hope YouTube can find out what is the problem with my channel and they can fix it.

I might do live talk today, but this all depends on what kind of break I get on my schedule. You are all welcome to join the live talk once is up, but I don’t know exactly what time I will be doing the show.
I will like to thank everybody for their patients and just enjoy your weekend and hopefully the problems will be fixed.

Love you all.

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