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U.S Needs To Reprocess China’s PLA Properties

In order to solve the problem between the US and North Korea, the US should consider the possibility of repossessing and taking away all properties suspected to be own by the CCP of the PLA of China. The CCP and the PLA are China are an enemy of the United States and should be treated as the enemy of the United States and all their properties should be reprocess and sold out an auction to Americans only. This should be a threat this should go against China for melanin in the US North Korea talks to denuclearizati North Korea. Send a strong message to China that the US public and the US citizens along with their government have no interest in doing business with the country this undermining our government our country and international I analyze and order to assert Chinese dominance over the entire wall. The US should recognize China as an enemy combatant and economics and as the enemy of the people of the United States and should take proper actions just like they have done in the past with enemies recognize of the United States. See video for more.

Note: when I talk about China or Chinese I’m talking about the Chinese Communist pig party. I myself have relatives in my family who are Chinese and I’m very proud of them in fact I highly have respect for them. But the people of China been under a horrible government that calls themselves the Chinese Communist Party and every comment that I make toward China or Chinese it straight to the Communist pig party not the great people of China.

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